How To Write A Letter To Bailiffs

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How To Write A Letter To Bailiffs
How To Write A Letter To Bailiffs

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The bailiff is an official who enforces court decisions and orders. Today this type of activity is fully regulated by Russian law. You can familiarize yourself with the rights and duties of a bailiff by opening the relevant law.

How to write a letter to bailiffs
How to write a letter to bailiffs


Step 1

If you want to make a request or petition to the bailiff, then this can be done only by means of a letter drawn up in accordance with the rules and regulations of official correspondence between participants in litigation. To get the letter right, check out the case study that can be found in almost any courtroom.

Step 2

To write a letter to the bailiff, take a blank A4 paper and a ballpoint pen. In the upper right corner, write the name and address of the organization where you are sending the letter. Also, just below, write your last name, initials and residential address. If necessary, write your post.

Step 3

Then, in the letter, state in detail the essence of the question or request with which you are turning to the bailiff. At the end, after the text on the right, put your signature, on the left, the date of writing the letter. And send a spare notification email.

Step 4

In some cases, attach any additional documents or bank card details to the letter. It all depends on the essence of the question that you raise in the letter. The bailiff service will definitely receive your letter and will notify you as soon as possible about the actions taken after receiving it.

Step 5

If you still did not manage to write a letter to the bailiffs on your own, consult a law firm that provides this kind of services. There they will help you compose a letter in accordance with all the rules and standards of Russian legislation. A well-formed letter will help you achieve the desired result. Remember that you need to send a letter only as a last resort, when you cannot hand the petition to him personally.

Step 6

The system of bailiffs is well established in our country. By sending a letter to any city, you can be sure that your letter will not only reach, but the federal bailiff will do everything possible and impossible to solve your problem. This profession can be very dangerous, therefore, in some cases, they are accompanied by a police outfit at their destination.

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