How To Find Out About The Existence Of A Will

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How To Find Out About The Existence Of A Will
How To Find Out About The Existence Of A Will
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A will is the will of the testator, expressed in writing during his lifetime. It is read out to all heirs who have submitted documents for the acceptance of the inheritance after the death of the testator. Until this moment, you can learn about the will only personally from the owner of the property or by accident, sorting out documents in the apartment of the owner of the bequeathed property.

How to find out about the existence of a will
How to find out about the existence of a will

It is necessary

  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - an inventory of the hereditary mass;
  • - death certificate;
  • - documents confirming relationship;
  • - documents of title to the property.


Step 1

The will is drawn up in notarial or simple written form with obligatory notarization. One copy remains with the notary at the place of registration of the document, the second is kept by the testator.

Step 2

You will not be able to find out from a notary whether a will has been drawn up or not during the life of the testator, since this information is kept secret until the moment of accepting the inheritance. Only the latest will, which the testator left before his death, has legal force, and only if he was not recognized by the court as insane due to mental disorder.

Step 3

During the life of the testator, you can ask him about the will. If you are uncomfortable with asking a question directly and raising such a delicate topic, but at the same time caring for a sick relative, most likely you have access to his documents. Carefully review all the papers, including a second copy of the will.

Step 4

After the death of the testator, carefully examine all the documents again. If the will is not found, then you can find out about it only after you submit all the documents for accepting the inheritance.

Step 5

Even if you find a will and it contains your name, this does not mean that you will inherit all the property that is bequeathed to you. The testator could cancel the document or draw up another, and if the new will is the last, then it will be legally significant.

Step 6

To accept the inheritance, contact a notary, write a statement, present your passport, documents of relationship with the testator, death certificate, inventory of the estate, documents of title to real estate.

Step 7

If you do not have any documents, the notary will make inquiries to the necessary organizations and help you prepare the necessary package of documents for accepting the inheritance. After that, the last will of the testator will be announced to all heirs, and you will find out whether you are among the heirs by will or not.

Step 8

In the absence of a will, you will receive an inheritance by law among all the heirs of the testator.

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