In What Time Frame Is SNILS Issued?

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In What Time Frame Is SNILS Issued?
In What Time Frame Is SNILS Issued?

Video: In What Time Frame Is SNILS Issued?

Video: In What Time Frame Is SNILS Issued?
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According to the current legislation, citizens of the Russian Federation must be insured in the compulsory pension insurance system. The certificate confirming this is the SNILS card, on which the insurance number of the individual personal account is indicated.

In what time frame is SNILS issued?
In what time frame is SNILS issued?

It is necessary

  • - identity card (birth certificate);
  • - a document proving the identity of the legal representative of a citizen.


Step 1

SNILS contains basic data about the insured person: individual insurance number; full name, date and place of birth; floor; the date of registration in the pension insurance system. SNILS is unique, this number contains all data on accruals and payments of insurance premiums by the employer and full information about the insurance record of a citizen during his labor activity. These data will subsequently be taken into account when calculating and recalculating pension payments.

Step 2

All categories of citizens have the right to receive a personal insurance number in the pension insurance system, including newborn children, non-working citizens, disabled people, and the military. To obtain SNILS, you need to contact the territorial office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence (registration). You will need a passport or other identity card, after which the employee will offer to fill out a questionnaire and tell you when you need to come up to receive the SNILS card. According to the law, this procedure is given 10 working days.

Step 3

You can get SNILS through your employer - when a citizen gets a job for the first time and has no work experience. In this case, in the personnel department of the enterprise, the employee fills out the insured person's questionnaire, and the employer is obliged to submit it for registration to the FIU within two weeks from the date of the contract conclusion. …

Step 4

Another 10 working days are given to the Pension Fund body to carry out the necessary measures for registering a citizen in the insurance system and issuing an insurance certificate. The policyholder is obliged to hand over the documents to the employee within seven working days

Step 5

When issuing a SNILS card for a child, his legal representatives must contact the PFR department, present documents proving the identity of the child and the representative (parent), and you must also fill out a questionnaire.

Step 6

When changing personal data, you must submit an application for the exchange of certificate. In this case, a new document will be issued, but the insurance number in it will remain the same. If you lose the certificate, you also need to contact the PFR office or your employer with an application for a duplicate. The time allotted for the issue of a duplicate is also 10 working days.

Step 7

There is no need to be afraid that the data specified in SNILS will be used for other purposes: all information about personal accounts is strictly confidential and is encrypted when transferring data through electronic communications. SNILS should be kept by its owner, no one has the right to take it, including the employer.

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