How To Write A Letter About Contract Renewal

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How To Write A Letter About Contract Renewal
How To Write A Letter About Contract Renewal

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Most civil contracts are concluded for a fixed term. In this case, sometimes it becomes necessary to extend their validity. One of the ways to prolong the contract is to send an appropriate letter to the counterparty.

How to write a letter about contract renewal
How to write a letter about contract renewal

It is necessary

  • - contract;
  • - printing.


Step 1

Make sure that, in accordance with the terms of the contract, such a method of prolongation is allowed, such as the exchange of letters between counterparties. Carefully study the provisions of the agreement regarding the procedure for issuing such a letter, the time frame in which it can be sent, as well as the method of sending it.

Step 2

If the agreement sets strict requirements for the letter of renewal of the agreement, strictly adhere to them. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below.

Step 3

Compose the text of the letter in any form. Write the name, date and number of the contract you want to renew. Give a link to the clause setting the end date of the contract, and express your desire to extend the validity of the document. Do not forget to indicate for what period or until what date the contract is extended.

Step 4

Sign up with the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur. It is important that these are the same persons who are a party to the contract to be renewed. Stamp this.

Step 5

Prepare the letter in accordance with standard business correspondence rules. Give it a number and date, register it in the journal of outgoing correspondence.

Step 6

Send the letter in the way of communication provided by the contract. It can be a postal item, as a rule, with a notification and an inventory of the attachment; Fax; a message with an electronic signature sent over the Internet; delivery by courier service. If there is no reservation on the method of sending, it is preferable to hand over the letter against receipt to the representative of the counterparty organization or individual entrepreneur, or send it by mail.

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