How To Register A Visitor

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How To Register A Visitor
How To Register A Visitor

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If a guest comes to you from another city or country, and you want to provide him with complete comfort and safety, in accordance with the law, you are obliged to register him on your living space.

How to register a visitor
How to register a visitor

It is necessary

  • - migration card;
  • - application for registration;
  • - passport and its photocopy;
  • - agreement of the owner of the apartment.


Step 1

If your guest is a foreigner, then when crossing the border, he must fill out a migration card in which you must indicate the purpose of the trip (in this particular case, note that he is going to visit) and write the address where you are registered.

Step 2

No later than three days after arrival (the date is determined by the stamp on the migration card), you and the guest must go to the Federal Migration Service or the passport office. There you fill out an application for the arrival of a foreign citizen, attach to the form a migration card, copies of your passports, as well as their originals. A foreign guest will be given a detachable part of the form, which he must wear throughout his stay in Russia and show it to law enforcement agencies at their request.

Step 3

Before the guest leaves, remove a photocopy from his form and after departure, take it to the place of registration. After that, the visitor will be discharged from your apartment. This must be done no later than two days after his departure.

Step 4

If you live in the capital, and a friend from the region has come to you, you need to register him only if he intends to stay with you for more than 90 days. Your presence in this case is optional. To register, the visitor will need identity documents, an application for temporary registration, which can be written directly at the passport office or the Federal Migration Service, as well as a document confirming your consent to its registration (apartment owner's agreement). After receiving a temporary registration, the guest will be given a registration certificate.

Step 5

If a newcomer is a Russian citizen, then within 90 days he can live wherever he pleases without making a temporary registration. In this case, he must have with him a document confirming the date of arrival in the city (railway or air ticket).

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