How To Keep Your Job

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How To Keep Your Job
How To Keep Your Job

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In our time, when the country is experiencing an economic crisis, then some other shock, I really want to hope that it is you who will be able to stay in your place and no changes will affect you. How can you help yourself keep your job?

How to keep your job
How to keep your job


Step 1

Support leadership. If the whole company is going through a difficult time and is cutting staff, your boss should see that you are worried not only about your salary, but also about the entire organization. If you feel worried about the whole team, most likely you will not be fired.

Step 2

Learn to attract attention to yourself. If you stand out from the crowd with your achievements and personal qualities, no boss dares to fire such a valuable employee, and then your less significant colleagues will be in danger.

Step 3

Be versatile and flexible. Regardless of what you do all the time, stay on top of all the important business of the company and strive to perform as many functions as possible. If your bosses make sure that you can combine the duties of several employees at once, this will give you a guarantee that you will definitely not be laid off.

Step 4

Show everyone what you are working on. The bosses should be aware of what projects and affairs you are currently working on. This will show that your work is necessary for the company and it will be simply impossible to do without you.

Step 5

Complete the work you have begun. Whatever shock awaits you in the future, calmly and patiently work on what you have been assigned. Demonstrate your ability to achieve your goals.

Step 6

Stay confident. You shouldn't live in constant panic fear of being fired. Calmness and a businesslike look are the best indicators of a normally working employee, especially if the bosses themselves are worried about difficulties.

Step 7

Study the situation in the labor market. If the dismissal does happen, it shouldn't be a blow to you. Find out in advance what specialties are in demand now and be mentally prepared for a possible retraining. It is useful to take courses to gain new knowledge and skills.

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