How To Get Maternity Leave

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How To Get Maternity Leave
How To Get Maternity Leave

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Maternity leave is given to a pregnant woman who takes a while to take care of her child. She receives financial support from the state. The birth of a baby is ahead, and she needs to know how to arrange maternity leave.

How to get maternity leave
How to get maternity leave


Step 1

Count on financial support even if you do not have a permanent job or are a student. To apply for maternity leave, you must have a medical certificate. With it, you can take a pregnancy leave seventy days before childbirth and after childbirth - fifty-six days.

Step 2

If you give birth to twins or triplets, the maternity leave is increased by 2 weeks. As a rule, the period of maternity leave is increased with childbirth complications or caesarean section.

Step 3

If you have an officially permanent job and a concluded employment contract, then you must contact the personnel department with a medical opinion and an application for maternity leave. Payments are calculated on behalf of your business based on average earnings multiplied by the number of vacation days. Your business must pay you the full amount.

Step 4

If you do not have a permanent job officially and a work book, then you can contact the social security office at your place of residence. You will receive unemployment benefits if you are registered with an employment center. If you are a student, the maternity payment will be the amount of your scholarship. If you do not receive a scholarship, then contact the employment center.

Step 5

Purchase a bank card or bank account to receive payments. You also need an employment contract, sick leave. It is issued at the antenatal clinic, where you are registered for a period of 30 weeks. If, in addition to the main job, the expectant mother also works part-time, is drawn up according to the Labor Code, then an additional sick leave must be issued.

Step 6

Keep in mind that if you have adopted a child, then you are also entitled to maternity leave. It is seventy days of maternity leave. In this case, the required document is issued at the hospital where the child was born.

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