How To Go To Work During Maternity Leave

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How To Go To Work During Maternity Leave
How To Go To Work During Maternity Leave

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Maternity leave is granted on the basis of Article 256 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. A woman can take care of a child up to three years old, in accordance with the law, her job is retained and up to one and a half years, 40% of the average earnings are paid. If there is a need to interrupt parental leave and go to work, the employer must be notified in advance.

How to go to work during maternity leave
How to go to work during maternity leave

It is necessary

  • - application;
  • - order.


Step 1

To interrupt your vacation, notify the employer in writing one month before the fact. For the duration of your parental leave, a temporary employee was probably hired in your place, since someone had to do your job.

Step 2

Visit the office of the company one month before the expected exit, submit a written application in which it is indicated that you plan to interrupt the granted leave and go back to work. Indicate the date from which you plan to start performing your duties. Place the employer's resolution under the application.

Step 3

The employer will notify the temporary worker at your location that the permanent worker is returning. The warning of a part-time employee or an interim employee must be received no later than 14 days before the proposed dismissal.

Step 4

The employer will issue an order to end the parental leave based on your application for leaving maternity leave. This document does not have a unified form, but it must indicate the day, month and year when you plan to leave, and a link to your application is given, which is a personal desire to interrupt the granted vacation.

Step 5

Before planning to interrupt your vacation, hire a nanny or place your baby in kindergarten, so that he is under reliable supervision, and you are not distracted from work. If you went to work, but force majeure circumstances arose, for example, the baby became often ill or you realized that you left him too early and it was a rash act to go to work, you have the right to apply to the management to resume care leave at any time. for a child under three years old.

Step 6

Do not forget that the employer really does not like changes in decisions, especially since he had to remove the employee temporarily performing your duties, and if you change your mind about working and continue your vacation, you will have to urgently look for a replacement in your place again, so think carefully, whether it is worth interrupting the leave that is given to caring for the baby.

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