How To Rate A Seller

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How To Rate A Seller
How To Rate A Seller

The seller's appraisal is not only a matter for the employer, but also for the buyer. Many people do not like that some of the shop assistants cannot provide competent advice. As a result, you don't buy exactly what you wanted. How can you find a salesperson who could be useful to you?

How to rate a seller
How to rate a seller


Step 1

Pay attention to the seller's greeting. A good salesperson needs to be polite, so see if he says hello to you. They meet according to their clothes, but the clothes of the sellers in the company stores are the same, and politeness is not always the case.

Step 2

Pay attention to the appearance of the seller. As mentioned above, the clothes of all sellers are about the same, but you should pay attention to the details. See how neat his clothes look. Is it wrinkled or dirty, filled or not? Clothes can say a lot about the tidiness of the seller.

Step 3

Get comfortable in the store on your own. A good salesperson won't bother you with obsession. Thanks to this, you can independently decide what you want to choose. The obsession of sellers can often scare away buyers and they will not buy anything at all.

Step 4

Look around. A good salesperson should always be in the field of view of the buyer to be ready to help at the right moment. Sometimes it happens that the product is chosen, no one bothers you to do it, but no one is going to make a purchase for you. If you have to wait at least a few minutes, you should choose another store with more agile sellers to buy.

Step 5

Pay attention to the leading questions. A good salesperson should figure out your needs before offering you any product. If the seller offers you a brand of goods without any questions, it looks, to say the least, strange. So if your seller is inexperienced, formulate your wishes for the product yourself so that he can help you with the choice.

Step 6

Keep track of how many products the seller will offer you to choose from. A good seller, having listened to your wishes, will offer you a choice of no more than three or four models. If the proposed models are more than four or less than three, it will mean that the consultant is not very professional. Or there is too little choice in the store.

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