How To Control A Seller

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How To Control A Seller
How To Control A Seller

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After opening his own retail outlet, the owner has a need to hire a salesperson. Unfortunately, not every salesperson is honest and diligent, and many of them need to be monitored.

How to control a seller
How to control a seller


Step 1

If your outlet is located in a large store, supermarket or shopping center, then there must be an administrator. The task of the administrator is to control the sellers. If you are unsure of the integrity of your own salesperson, then ask to keep an eye on him. It is up to the administrator to keep track of what time the seller leaves and arrives.

Step 2

Create special magazines in which the seller will have to write a report on each item sold by him and summarize the proceeds for the day or shift. For reliability, visit the point of sale in the middle of the day and check how things are going. If the cash turnover in the store is large enough, then after lunch you can already pick up part of the proceeds.

Step 3

The most reliable way to control a seller is, of course, video surveillance. Purchase a camcorder and install it at a retail outlet. On average, buying a video camera will cost you 3-5 tr. It is not worth spending money on too expensive equipment, a simple black and white video camera will be enough. And if you really want to save money, you don't even have to connect the device, but hang it up for visibility. The very presence of observing technology will force the seller to become more disciplined, the likelihood that he will check if it works is not so great.

Step 4

If you are selling small goods, it is best to purchase a cash register with a scanner and make price tags with barcodes. Then the seller will have less opportunity to sell their goods or inflate the price. To be sure, put a special seal on the price tags, which is only kept by you. Check the appearance of all price tags, if there is no seal, then it is re-glued.

Step 5

You can use the "covert surveillance" method and ask someone you know to visit your store disguised as a buyer. Ask the "buyer" to pay special attention to the seller's manners, responsiveness, ability to correctly tell about the product, etc. By the way, if there is no way to send friends to the store, you can use the services of some company that has its own "mystery customers".

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