What Qualities Should A Bartender Have?

What Qualities Should A Bartender Have?
What Qualities Should A Bartender Have?

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Many young people and girls dream of becoming bartenders. However, the bartender is not only one who knows how to make coffee and mix cocktails. Other qualities are needed for this profession.

What qualities should a bartender have?
What qualities should a bartender have?

Goodwill towards people

If a person does not have this quality, then, probably, he should not work in the service sector at all. Therefore, this is basic, everything else can be learned. You should always say hello, sincerely smile at all visitors, in no case show arrogance, do not look at a person from head to toe.

The desire to always learn new things

This applies to any profession if you want to be successful in it. Even if you came to work without knowing a single name of the wine, then after a while you can learn the entire assortment of the bar. Study a little bit every day. The main thing is to love what you do and show interest. For example, one day give yourself the task to find out everything about whiskey: the history of creation, producing countries, the most famous brands, the next day the same thing about rum, tequila, and so on. Do not wait for someone to force you, do it for yourself.

Professional skills

The most important thing here is interest in your work. Many people perceive the work of a bartender as a way to make easy money, such people will always be "average". Since a bartender is a full-fledged profession, worthy of respect, like any other. And professionalism includes both the theoretical part (knowledge of drinks and the composition of cocktails) and practical (the ability to beautifully pour drinks, mix cocktails).

A good bartender must have a quick reaction time, an excellent memory and the ability to do several things at the same time. In order to remember the order, and prepare a drink, and talk to the visitor. At first, it is better to write down orders right away.

Personal qualities

Neatness is very important, the bar must be kept clean all the time, even if nothing is visible from behind the bar. Also, always be honest, do not add extra numbers on the bill to tipsy visitors. Also, a good bartender can always keep the conversation going. Often they go to the bartender to "talk", this is a kind of psychotherapist. The place behind the bar is a stage for the bartender, there should be no place for a bad mood and a gloomy look. Only a smile and a good mood, because it attracts no less than the ability to cook the perfect Long Island. Ideally, the bartender should not have bad habits and addictions. And it is completely unacceptable to drink alcohol while working.


It is not at all necessary to have perfect facial features and model height to look attractive and stylish. The basis of a good-looking appearance is self-confidence, correct posture and neatness in clothes.

Having decided to become a bartender, "try on" this profession for yourself. In addition, every bar or restaurant has a trial period during which you can understand how much you like the specifics of the job.

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