What Is Copywriting

What Is Copywriting
What Is Copywriting

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Sometimes people are forced to look for work at home. There may be many reasons for this, for example, a girl is on parental leave, or she simply does not have enough funds that her main job brings. There are different types of earning money at home, for example, you can work as a designer, web programmer. But this is not what we are talking about today. I want to tell you how to make money on copywriting, what knowledge you need to have and where to look for employers.

What is copywriting
What is copywriting

How to start working as a copywriter?

Copywriting is a craft that will work as long as the internet exists. You do not believe? Now let's think logically. A person turns to the Internet for some information. He searches for it on various sites that host articles. Where do resource owners get their content from? Order from copywriters! This chain will exist in parallel with the worldwide global network!

So how do you make money from copywriting? Of course, you must be a literate person with a rich vocabulary. Without this, there is nothing to do in copywriting! Write articles based on your experience. Let's say your hobby is knitting. You can make money from workshops. Now there are many people registered on the Internet who are ready to buy such material (especially with a photo). Currently, topics such as construction, law, psychology, business and medicine are very popular.

If you think that your own experience is not enough, you can use third-party sources. This type of activity is called rewriting. That is, you open someone else's article (preferably several), read it, write something out and build your material on the basis of what you read. That is, you must tell about the same, but in different words. But remember that your article must be of high quality, otherwise it will not be accepted by the customer! Practice your article writing skills before moving on to finding customers.

Example. Source text: Everyone wants to be successful. His desire is not limited to a full wallet! He wants to have a high status, to become a respected person.

Received text: A person living in the modern world tries to achieve a lot in life. And it's not about the money! The main goal of an individual is to achieve the respect of others, to obtain a certain status in society.

Copywriting software

If you are an aspiring copywriter, you will need some programs to help you master the craft faster. Do not neglect their use, because you have to fill your hand. I assure you that in the future you will not need them, but at the first stage they are simply necessary!

Antiplagittal. It is a program that helps you write unique texts. Let's say you used sources when writing the material. To check your material for coincidence with others, use this program. How does it work? There are many sites where you can check the text without downloading the file to your computer. You just have to write an article, load it into the appropriate field on the anti-plugit website and click on the "Check" inscription. Your request will be processed within a minute. The uniqueness will be evaluated as a percentage. As a rule, 90% is a good indicator.

You can also download the program to your computer. What are the advantages? You will be able to customize the program, or rather the sensitivity. To do this, in the settings, change the shingle, for example, from 5 to 3.

Spellchecking. If you doubt your literacy, you can believe the text for mistakes. To do this, use the electronic version of the Spell Checker. You will need to paste the text into the appropriate field and click "Check". Unfortunately, there is no program that checks punctuation errors, but in a Word document some "missteps" can be corrected.

Synonym dictionary.At the initial stage, you may have problems with the choice of synonyms. To solve them, use the synonymizer in the online version. For example, you need to change the sentence “I bought clothes”. You hammer the sentence into the program. It gives you several options. You just have to choose the best one, for example, "I bought things."

Customer search

You will need to register, enter payment information (electronic wallet). On the platforms, you can sell your articles, take orders. Let's say you decide to register on the Advego website. You will need to register, read the terms and conditions and enter all the necessary data. Then go to the "Author" tab. If you want to find an order, click on the Job Search tab. If your goal is to sell articles, put them in the store by clicking on the "Sell article" item. Fill in all the fields and click "Add article".

You can also find regular customers through the ads posted on the TeleJob website. To do this, you need to go to the tab "Telework vacancies", or place your resume on the site.

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