How To Register An Employee In An LLC

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How To Register An Employee In An LLC
How To Register An Employee In An LLC

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Every organization, regardless of the organizational and legal form, must have employees, otherwise the activity is impossible. If you are the manager of a limited liability company, then the hiring of employees is carried out in a standard way. What does it include?

How to register an employee in an LLC
How to register an employee in an LLC


Step 1

After the interview has been successfully completed, the employer and the future employee are satisfied with all the conditions, it is necessary to proceed with the registration. To do this, you need the following documents: passport, work book, insurance certificate, TIN certificate, certificate or diploma, military ID (if any) and other documents provided for by the Labor Code.

Step 2

Then the employee must write a job application, while contacting the head of the organization. The employer or the person in charge must familiarize the employee with all available local acts, these may be instructions, regulations and other documents.

Step 3

After that, an employment contract is drawn up, which spells out all the obligations and rights of both parties in relation to each other. Obligatory information in the employment contract is the employee's data, the details of the organization, salary, job title, working conditions. This document is drawn up in duplicate, one of which remains with the employer, the second is handed over to the employee.

Step 4

Based on the above documents, an order is issued on the hiring of this employee, which indicates the position, salary and personnel number. The order is signed by both parties.

Step 5

After that, a record of employment is made in the employee's work book, as a rule, it must remain with the employer for the duration of the work of this person. These documents are kept in a safe or on a turnkey basis. By order of the head, a person responsible for the safety of work books is appointed.

Step 6

Further, it is necessary to make copies of all documents in order to attach them to the employee's personal file. First, a personal card is formed (form No. T-2). This document is drawn up separately for each person.

Step 7

After that, all documents are numbered, filed and formed into a personal file. On the title page, it is necessary to indicate the full name of the employee, position and department (if any).

Step 8

In the event that an employee has minor children, then he must provide a birth certificate and write an application for standard deductions. If a woman's diploma is issued in her maiden name, then she must be provided with a marriage certificate.

Step 9

In some cases, for example, when applying for a job in public catering, a health book is required. Also, a medical certificate is required when applying for a job for minors, workers who are hired in harmful and dangerous working conditions.

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