How To Get Housing For A War Veteran

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How To Get Housing For A War Veteran
How To Get Housing For A War Veteran

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All persons with a certificate of combatants had privileges for an extraordinary and priority right to receive an apartment from the state until March 2005. After the entry into force of the new Housing Code, all privileges were removed. The Minister of Regional Development presented a report to the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev that all obligations to veterans and participants in hostilities, who were on the priority queue until 2005, have been fulfilled, but for those who are currently submitting documents, amendments have been made to the law. In accordance with the changes, the benefits for the provision of housing have been left.

How to get housing for a war veteran
How to get housing for a war veteran

It is necessary

  • -statement;
  • - identity documents;
  • -certificate of a veteran or participant in hostilities;
  • - marriage certificate (for widows);
  • -death certificate;
  • -certificate about the death of her husband or that he is considered missing.


Step 1

The State Duma amended the law of 12.01.95 No. 5-F3, which was approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President of the Russian Federation. All paragraphs have been amended to provide housing for veterans and combatants, regardless of material and property status.

Step 2

In connection with the changes in this law, all war veterans, family members of the dead, deceased, disabled people and participants in the Second World War must be provided with housing, as mentioned above, regardless of their material and property status. Veterans include participants in the settlement of conflicts in the Caucasus, the Chechen Republic, in Afghanistan, commanding officers in the settlement of conflicts in these territories, persons performing official actions in war zones and bordering areas, veterans and participants of the Second World War and their widows.

Step 3

To get housing for these persons, you need to contact the administration of your district, submit an application, present a certificate of a participant in hostilities, or confirm that you are family members of a deceased, deceased participant or disabled person. You do not need to submit any certificates confirming material, property and other status, in accordance with the amendments made to Federal Law No. 5-F3.

Step 4

As soon as housing is financed from the Federal Fund, all combatants, widows of the dead and dead, veterans and participants in the Second World War will receive apartments from the state.

Step 5

Widows must submit a death certificate or a document stating that the husband died while performing military duties and giving his debt to the Motherland. You will also need a marriage certificate, identity documents, an application of the established form.

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