How To Make A Reference

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How To Make A Reference
How To Make A Reference

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Making a BTI certificate is a real headache for the average citizen. This certificate may be needed to complete any official real estate transactions. Certificates differ depending on the purpose, but bureaucratic red tape applies to all types of certificates. Knowing the sequence of all actions greatly simplifies the task.

How to make a reference
How to make a reference

It is necessary

  • - the person who will be in charge of obtaining the certificate. It should be borne in mind that the BTI certificate is issued to the owners of premises or their proxies, heirs, courts upon request, and individual organizations.
  • - a certain amount of money. It is better to clarify its size in advance by calling your BTI or examining the relevant legislation.


Step 1

Find out the address of your BTI, call there and specify the reception hours in your question. Prepare all required documents.

Step 2

Come to the BTI a little earlier than the appointed time to take a queue. When your turn comes, fill out an application of the established form, listen to the instructions of the BTI employee.

Step 3

Go to the nearest branch of Sberbank (or another bank) and pay the receipt for issuing your certificate. Return to the BTI and give the paid receipt to the BTI employee.

Step 4

Return home and wait for the arrival of a technician from the BTI to take inventory of the object. As a rule, the time of arrival of the technician is announced in advance.

Step 5

After some (pre-agreed) time has elapsed after the arrival of the technician, call the BTI and ask if your certificate is ready. If you are ready, then go to the BTI and get it. Don't be surprised if you have to queue again.

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