How To Get A Gun Permit In

How To Get A Gun Permit In
How To Get A Gun Permit In

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To acquire, store and carry weapons in Russia, you need to obtain an appropriate license or permit. First of all, it should be noted that weapons are of different types: long-barreled (hunting) and short-barreled (self-defense weapons). Each type has its own type of license, and they differ greatly from each other.

How to get a gun permit
How to get a gun permit

A short-barreled weapon license is issued for a period of 5 years, during which it is possible to purchase any short-barreled weapon (no more than 5 units), which must be registered with the licensing authorities within 14 days. The license for long-barreled weapons is valid for six months, during which it is necessary to purchase the weapon or surrender the license. Such a license cannot be renewed, it can only be issued again upon repeated payment of the state duty and submission of the necessary documents.

In order to obtain a weapon permit, you need:

  1. Application card for the issuance of a license (filled in by the applicant on one side).
  2. Passport and photocopy of passport (2-3 pages, registration page).
  3. Photos 3x4 cm - 2 pieces (better on matte paper)
  4. Medical certificate (form 046-1)
  5. Receipt for payment of fees.
  6. The original and photocopy of the hunting ticket (first and last pages) - only for long-barreled weapons.

To obtain a permit for a rifled weapon, you must have at least five years of experience in smooth-bore hunting weapons.

Each region of Russia has its own specifics of the application of the law "On weapons", therefore, before obtaining a license, you should clarify the procedure and conditions for its issuance adopted in your area. As a rule, the following requirements are imposed:

  1. Age at least 18 years old
  2. Permanent residence
  3. Lack of convictions for committing intentional crimes (of course, those who are serving punishment for committing such crimes are out of the question).
  4. Those who are registered in a neuropsychiatric or narcological dispensary will also not be able to obtain a license.
  5. No relapse within a year for a crime that infringes on the order of government or public order.
  6. Absence of protracted and chronic mental disorders with exacerbated or persistent manifestations
  7. Sharp enough eyesight

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