How To Mark A Vacation In A Report Card

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How To Mark A Vacation In A Report Card
How To Mark A Vacation In A Report Card

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When an employee is sent on vacation, which is due to each specialist who has been performing duties under an employment contract for more than six months, marks are made not only in the vacation schedule, but also in the report card. The latter is conducted for employees with a time-based wage. The document is filled in printed form (T-13) and by hand (T-12).

How to mark a vacation in a report card
How to mark a vacation in a report card

It is necessary

  • - notification form;
  • - order form (form T-6);
  • - time sheet form;
  • - form of a note-calculation;
  • - vacation schedule.


Step 1

When the rest time is set by the vacation schedule, two weeks before the start of the due vacation, the personnel officer draws up a notice to the employee. The employee is warned in writing. In the notice, write the vacation period. On one copy of the document, the specialist affixes his consent in the form of a receipt and transfers it to the employer. The specialist keeps the second copy.

Step 2

Three days before the start of the vacation, the director issues an order. Use Form T-6 for this. Indicate the number of days of rest available. Enter the start date, the end of the vacation. Certify the order with the signature of the director, head of the personnel service. Familiarize the employee with the administrative document against receipt.

Step 3

Send the employee to the accounting department with a vacation order. There, a specialist fills in a note-calculation. It indicates the amount of monetary compensation, which is calculated by the accountant based on the employee's average earnings.

Step 4

In the time sheet, opposite the employee's personal data, his position, written in the second column of the document, the personnel number indicated in the third column, enter the symbol "OT" in the top line. Such a code is affixed when the employee is sent on annual basic leave. When an employee is entitled to additional rest days provided for by a collective or labor agreement, put “OD”. When granting leave without pay by agreement with the employer, enter the letter code "OD".

Step 5

According to the instructions for maintaining the timesheet, you do not need to put anything on the bottom line, that is, this field remains empty. Many HR officials mark the vacation period before it ends. But it is undesirable to do so. Indeed, the company may have circumstances in connection with which the manager can recall the employee. In this case, the incorrect entry is crossed out with a single line. The correct designation is entered on top, certified by the signature of the person responsible for maintaining the time sheet. After that, the document is submitted for signature to the head of the department, a personnel officer. When the time sheet is certified, it is not allowed to correct the deficiencies.

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