How To Enter A New Position

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How To Enter A New Position
How To Enter A New Position

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Sometimes, due to production needs (modernization, reorganization of the institution), it is required to make changes to the staffing table when a new position is introduced. How to do it correctly?

How to enter a new position
How to enter a new position


Step 1

Please note: it is possible to employ a new employee in an organization only for a position that appears in the staffing table. It is impossible to hire an employee in an absent structural unit.

Step 2

Before you include a new unit in the staffing table, check out the estimated number of the payroll (specified in the estimate). In the process of drawing up a new staffing table, the total number of staffing units should also be indicated.

Step 3

Draw up a new staffing table with a registration number, which is approved by order. The order must justify the need to introduce a new staffing unit and / or a new unit. There is no approved form for such orders. Therefore, its title may have the title "On changes in the staffing table", etc. The same order should be drawn up, even if the changes in the schedule are not very significant.

Step 4

Before introducing a new position, write a corresponding petition to the higher authority (if one exists). The petition must contain a request for the introduction of a new position. And only after that draw up an order.

Step 5

Indicate in the order from what date you introduce a new position, for which department (if it does not exist, you will have to first create it and issue a separate order about its chief accountant of the organization. Appoint someone responsible for compliance with the order (usually one of the deputy directors).

Step 6

After issuing an order on the introduction of a new position, draw up a job description, in which indicate all the duties of the employee. And only after that you will be able to accept a new employee for the position or transfer to it an employee who already works in your organization from another position.

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