How To Quit While On Vacation

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How To Quit While On Vacation
How To Quit While On Vacation

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An employee has the right to quit while on the next paid vacation. At the same time, two weeks' work is not required if the resignation letter is submitted before the vacation or two weeks before the end of the vacation.

How to quit while on vacation
How to quit while on vacation


Step 1

According to article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, any employee can terminate an employment contract, but it is necessary to warn about its termination two weeks in advance, unless otherwise provided by another federal law or the Labor Code.

Step 2

Paid leave is provided annually, can be taken after 6 months and cannot be less than 14 calendar days if it is divided into parts on the employee's own initiative or due to special conditions of production technology.

Step 3

An employee who is on the next paid vacation can be dismissed only by his own written and signed application. Application by email or other means of communication cannot be accepted.

Step 4

A statement written by an employee must be submitted for resolution to the head of the facility. It must contain the number it was filed with.

Step 5

If the letter of resignation is filed and signed by date before the start of the next vacation, the day of the end of the employment relationship is the first day on which the employee must go to work after the vacation.

Step 6

When submitting an application two weeks before the end of the vacation, the first day after the end of the vacation is also considered the day of termination of employment.

Step 7

If the application is submitted later than two weeks before the end of the vacation, the employee may be involved in work before dismissal. But in each specific case, it is decided personally by the head of the enterprise.

Step 8

On the first day of termination of labor relations, the employee is issued a full calculation, documents. With the same number, the head of the enterprise issues a dismissal order.

Step 9

If an employee took a vacation earlier than after the prescribed 12 months, the amount that was overpaid for the extra vacation days is deducted from the general calculation upon dismissal.

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