How To Make Money With A Mobile Phone

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How To Make Money With A Mobile Phone
How To Make Money With A Mobile Phone

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It is difficult to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone. Almost everyone has such a communication device nowadays. Many even have multiple mobile phones. For the majority, a mobile phone is no more than a convenient means of communication, someone uses it as a camera, MP3-player, installs games on it, and goes online with it. But few people realize that a mobile phone can bring a small profit to its owner. There are several ways to make money using a mobile phone: participation in partner programs of mobile operators, WAP-surfing, mobile advertising.

Anyone can make money on their mobile
Anyone can make money on their mobile


Step 1

On the official websites of mobile operators, you can get information about partner programs. For example, according to your recommendation, your friend connects to a certain tariff plan, or connects a certain service. For this, the mobile operator charges you a reward (in the form of free minutes, SMS packages, etc.), or you get bonus points, which can also be spent on communication services. Agree, a trifle, but nice. As a result, the operator is also satisfied with the promotion of the tariff plan or service, and you received a reward for participating in the affiliate program.

Step 2

If your phone has access to the Internet using GPRS technology, you can try this type of earnings as WAP-surfing. Participation in surf projects, as a rule, consists in visiting advertisers' websites, as well as performing simple tasks, such as clicking on a specific link. Remuneration for participation in such projects is charged for each "click" on the link; rewards are usually expressed in the form of small amounts or bonus points. True, you need to be careful here, as there are many fraudulent projects, for participation in which you will not receive anything.

Step 3

The owners of smartphones or PDAs have the opportunity to earn money on mobile advertising. There are several companies that specialize in mobile advertising. Participation in promotions of such companies occurs according to the same scheme: the user installs a special program on his phone to launch advertising banners. The next step is filling out the questionnaire (special attention in the questionnaire is paid to age, in order to determine the nature of advertising). After completing all the actions, the program starts working in automatic mode: as soon as your phone receives a call, SMS or MMS, an advertising banner is displayed on the phone screen. A reward in promotions of this kind is charged for each view of the advertisement.

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