How To Get A Job As A Machinist

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How To Get A Job As A Machinist
How To Get A Job As A Machinist

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If you are conscientious about work and want to have high wages, decent working conditions, social guarantees, professional and career growth, stability and confidence in the future, free metro travel, paid leave twice a year, the opportunity to get a higher education for free, registration for work in accordance with the labor code, then get a job as an electric train driver for the Moscow metro. The best machinists receive cash prizes as part of the annual Moscow Masters competition.

How to get a job as a machinist
How to get a job as a machinist

It is necessary

  • - passport
  • - military ID
  • - education document
  • - employment history
  • - Moscow or Moscow region registration


Step 1

Only men can apply for a vacancy as a metro driver. This is due to the complexity of the profession and the need to constantly concentrate attention. To get a job, you first need to call the metro personnel department to clarify on which lines closest to your place of residence this vacancy is open.

Step 2

Then you need to come to the HR department to apply for a job. Take your passport, military ID, education certificate and work book with you.

Step 3

After registration, begin to study for the profession of an assistant driver in a special training center. For classes, which will take place over several months from about 9.00-10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays, you will study the structure of the train, the purpose of the levers and buttons in the cockpit, the duties of an assistant driver, the basics of first aid. You will be paid a good scholarship for the duration of your studies. After graduation, take exams.

Step 4

After the exams, work out the hitting: work for a while as an assistant driver under the guidance of an experienced driver. Then take another exam.

Step 5

Now, for a few more months, study for the profession of a machinist in a special training center, where you will replenish the stock of previously acquired knowledge with new information already concerning the specifics of duties and performance of work actions by a machinist in the metro. You are entitled to a scholarship for the duration of your studies. After completing your studies, take the exam and work as a train driver for a while with a more experienced driver assistant who will supervise you. After a control check of knowledge and techniques of managing the composition by the instructor, in case of successful delivery of theoretical and practical material, you can work as a machinist independently.

Step 6

If, during the check by the instructor, any gaps in your knowledge and shortcomings in your work were revealed, then you will need to study for some more time and pass the test again. Until then, rock you will not show excellent knowledge of theoretical and practical material, you will not be able to start working as a driver of the Moscow metro.

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