How To Get A Job At The Embassy

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How To Get A Job At The Embassy
How To Get A Job At The Embassy

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Work in the embassies of various states is not the highest paid job and sometimes quite routine, but prestigious. It is believed that getting a job at the embassy is difficult. On the one hand, this is so - there are few vacancies. On the other hand, a specialist with a higher education who knows foreign languages ​​well, as a rule, will be able to get a job at the embassy.

U.S. Embassy Moscow
U.S. Embassy Moscow


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It is believed that it is quite difficult to find work in the embassies of various countries in Russia, and mostly acquaintances are hired there. This is not true. On various job search sites there are embassies vacancies. Therefore, in many cases, you only need to send a resume to the relevant vacancy.

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Quite often the websites of the embassies themselves publish information about the vacancies that have appeared for them. this is done, for example, by the US Embassy ( Accordingly, the candidate is required to find a vacancy and send a resume for it. In some cases, other documents are required, for example, a copy of a higher education diploma. Then everything develops according to the standard scenario, and the candidate is invited for an interview

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In the embassies, as a rule, employees of consular departments, accountants, administrative workers, drivers are required. The basic requirements for them are similar to the requirements for such employees of any other companies. An important difference is that you need to know the language of the country in whose embassy you intend to work. Knowledge of the language may be required in many positions. Knowledge of English is also important.

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