How To Privatize A Dorm Apartment

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How To Privatize A Dorm Apartment
How To Privatize A Dorm Apartment

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Free privatization has now been extended until March 1, 2013, so those who have the opportunity to privatize an apartment in a hostel will still have time to use this right. Another question is if this has to be achieved through the courts.

How to privatize a dorm apartment
How to privatize a dorm apartment


Step 1

Dormitories are divided into 2 independent types: - dormitories, apartments in which are provided for the period of study, service or work of citizens. In such hostels, premises are not subject to privatization;

- hostels that are not such from a legal point of view (living quarters in which they were obtained on the basis of orders). Apartments in such hostels can be privatized.

Step 2

However, the municipality may refuse to privatize you, even if the hostel is of the second type. In this case, you will have to go to court, where, based on the order you have, you will be able to prove your right to privatize the apartment in the hostel.

Step 3

However, it often happens that a hostel in which people related to one organization live is removed from the balance sheet of the enterprise and transferred to the state. In this case, you will be required to conclude a social tenancy agreement, on the basis of which you will be able to privatize this premises (directly or through a court).

Step 4

If the company sold the dormitory building to a third-party organization, bypassing existing laws, immediately notify the relevant authorities so as not to end up on the street. An organization that has taken such steps will be subject to penalties, up to and including criminal prosecution, and the hostel itself will be alienated in favor of the state, with which, again, it is possible to conclude a social tenancy agreement and privatize an apartment.

Step 5

Before going to court, be sure to consult with competent lawyers on privatization issues. Find out if you have neighbors who managed to privatize an apartment through a court. Ask them how they did it and what objections were raised by the municipality.

Step 6

By court order or with the permission of the municipality, contact the Department of Housing and submit all documents proving your eligibility for privatization. Register your property with UFRS.

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