Pros And Cons Of Night Work

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Pros And Cons Of Night Work
Pros And Cons Of Night Work

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Working the night shift is a good option for many people. It is used not only by full-time students, but also by those who are more comfortable working after dark, and even people hiding from family conflicts. However, the human body does not always withstand such a regime.

Pros and cons of night work
Pros and cons of night work

Benefits of working at night

Night work has many undeniable benefits. First of all, it is the opportunity to do something else during the day. It could be sleeping, studying, having fun, looking for other jobs, or part-time work. Of course, after active work at night, the first half of the day is likely to be spent sleeping, but there are also quieter night activities that allow you to get some rest during the work shift.

In addition to having more free time, night work tends to be paid higher than similar activities during daylight hours. This allows, with less workload, to maintain the usual level of wages, or to earn more for the same number of working hours.

Finally, for many, an important advantage of night work is the lack of tight control from the management. This largely protects against the inevitable stress and conflict "boss-subordinate", which, in turn, makes it possible to work more productively, distributing their working time in such a way as to have time to complete all tasks and not get tired.

Possible problems

As for the cons, they can be combined into several main groups. First, these are almost inevitable health problems. The fact is that the human body is tied to daylight hours, and active nighttime activity violates this routine. According to scientists, constant work at night is about the same harm to health as smoking or alcohol. The older the person is, the more likely it is that night work will lead to discomfort.

If night work is your only option, try to adapt as much as possible: drink tonic tea, go for a walk, take vitamins, do not neglect the opportunity to rest.

Secondly, working at night can ruin your family relationships. If one of the spouses works during the day, and the other - at night, this can lead to the fact that they will only see each other on the weekend. Obviously, such a regime does not correspond to generally accepted ideas about family life. In addition, household chores often deprive the person who has come from the night shift from the opportunity to fully relax, which, in turn, further affects the physical and emotional state.

Night work is categorically contraindicated for pregnant women, as it increases the risk of miscarriage or pathologies by 50%. Young mothers should also avoid night work.

Third, the constant state of sleep deprivation can lead to the fact that you will be wasting your free time. This problem especially concerns the so-called larks, that is, people whose biological activity occurs in the first half of the day. Because of this activity, they are usually unable to properly rest after night work, and therefore cannot function for the rest of the day. This half-asleep state not only deprives you of normal life, but can also cause mistakes at work.

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