Pros, Cons And Cost Of Bankruptcy Of Individuals

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Pros, Cons And Cost Of Bankruptcy Of Individuals
Pros, Cons And Cost Of Bankruptcy Of Individuals

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There are many real stories of individual bankruptcy on the Internet. The mass of positive decisions in favor of citizens gives hope for a bright financial future for those in credit bondage. Negativity, of course, is also present, and it refers to the activity of demanding creditors, aggressive actions and threats of collectors, the high cost of bankruptcy proceedings, due to which it was not possible to complete it. What are the pros and cons of this way of getting rid of debt? And what is the cost of the procedure in Russia?

Individual bankruptcy
Individual bankruptcy

Advantages of bankruptcy of individuals

When a person is declared bankrupt:

  • The persecution of creditors, the threats of collectors, and psychological pressure from the lenders cease. In other words, now a citizen does not have to fulfill the financial requirements of organizations that remained outstanding after the sale of his property.
  • They will not be able to demand more than they own, even if the amount of debt is several times higher than this amount.
  • Personal belongings and basic necessities, and most importantly, the only housing will not be taken away (except if the property was bought on a mortgage).
  • All debts are cleared, even if the debt is not covered.

Cons of bankruptcy of individuals

The main and most unpleasant disadvantage is that the procedure will cost tens of thousands of rubles, and often 100 thousand.

The rest of the cons are not so critical:

  • While the case is open, a citizen does not have the right to sell and buy property, mortgage it and become a surety.
  • The management of property, real estate and bank cards is transferred to a completely stranger - the manager.
  • You can only spend up to 50 thousand rubles from your bank accounts. per month.
  • May restrict travel abroad.

Consequences of bankruptcy of individuals

With a good outcome of the procedure - complete write-off of debts - there are a number of inevitable, not entirely positive consequences that will have to live with for some time.

  • Debts will be written off. Even if the value of the property did not fully cover them. The main goal has been achieved.
  • You cannot resort to bankruptcy proceedings again within 5 years, even if you again find yourself in a critical financial situation.
  • You will not be able to become a leader in an organization within 3 years. When employed in the Pension Fund, it will not be possible to climb to the top of the career ladder for 5 years, and in a credit institution - 10 years.
  • It is unlikely that banks will be loyal to your subsequent lending, because for 5 years you are obliged to report your bankruptcy to them.

And yet the main positive point is that you will not owe anyone anything else, and this is a big plus!


Bankruptcy cost

The cost of the litigation may seem significant, and you need to be prepared for this. After all, if you cannot cover the cost of an individual's bankruptcy, then the court will close the case without a positive decision.

The price consists of:

  • State duties - 300 rubles. one-time.
  • Payments to the manager from 25,000 rubles plus 2% of satisfied claims and sold property.
  • Prices for a one-time publication on the website of the Unified Federal Register of bankruptcy information - 400 rubles. You will have to pay for several documents (court decision, restructuring plan, etc.).
  • Payments to a lawyer for the provision of bankruptcy services.

Thus, the minimum amount is 30-40 thousand rubles. In practice, the cost of bankruptcy on average starts from 50-100 thousand rubles.

Bankruptcy reviews

One woman wrote in a testimonial that she was forced to start bankruptcy proceedings due to the loss of her job. Consumer loans, taken earlier for current household needs, she repaid regularly until she was fired. It was not easy to find a new job quickly. Penalties began to drip, the bank sent penalty receipts and calls began to arrive demanding a refund. As a result, the amount increased to 5 million rubles.Even the sale of your own small family would not pay off this debt. And the woman decided to turn to the law. With the help of lawyers, documents were collected and an application was filed with the arbitration court. The bankruptcy of an individual did not deprive the property, t. To. it was the only home. Despite the fact that the decision was made in her favor, the bank appealed, but even then the lawyers did not leave the woman and again helped to win the case. As a result, the debt was written off, the only housing was saved, the persecution stopped. “Like a stone fell from my soul, all debts were written off,” the woman writes. "Now I live from scratch, without loans and stress."

Another debtor, a male businessman, pledged all his property in order to somehow keep the company afloat. But the crisis "crippled" his initiative. And revenue fell anyway. And the man was left with outstanding consumer loans and mortgages on the acquired property in banks. The man called dozens of law firms, but it turned out to be difficult to find conscientious lawyers who would think not about their own benefit, but about the successful outcome of the client's case. Some lawyers still had a positive reputation. They figured out the man's hopeless situation and brought the matter to the end. The price for conducting bankruptcy proceedings for an individual, the reviews about them were very acceptable. After writing off all debts, the man wrote in a review: "I fell like a stone from my soul, I again live a full happy life and try myself in a new business without looking back at the past."

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