Resume: How To Compose It From A Template

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Resume: How To Compose It From A Template
Resume: How To Compose It From A Template

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In search of an employee, an employer looks through dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of resumes and questionnaires. To highlight your candidacy in this sea of ​​data, you need to be able to present information about yourself. Firstly, any document must be drawn up taking into account all the requirements. Secondly, it should give an idea of ​​the applicant. And, thirdly, it must somehow stand out.

Summary: how to compose it from a template
Summary: how to compose it from a template


Step 1

Create resume electronically only. It is unlikely that an employer will pay attention to a handwritten document. If you don't have a computer, go to an internet cafe to print it there.

Step 2

Get a good black and white photo. It should appear at the beginning of the resume. Do not attach playful pictures. You must immediately interest the employer. It will also help you remember you better. As a result, this can play a decisive role in the selection of candidates.

Step 3

At the very top of your resume, type your details. Home and cell phone numbers, address, e-mail, ICQ and Skype number, if you use them. Next, write your last name, first name and patronymic in large letters.

Step 4

Print information about yourself: marital status, presence of children, place of study. If you have completed any courses, do not forget to mark that too. Be sure to indicate your specialty. Write down what position you are applying for if the list is not very large. If you are considering many options, you can skip this point.

Step 5

Next, list your work experience, starting with the last place. Each paragraph should contain the following information: the date of admission and dismissal, the name of the position, responsibilities (they need to be written in detail so that the employer has an idea of ​​your experience). You can also indicate the reason for dismissal so that there are no unnecessary questions during the interview. If you're applying for leadership positions, add your accomplishments to each job.

Step 6

Provide additional information as a separate item. Indicate the level of PC knowledge, licenses, driving experience, ability to use office equipment, willingness to travel, etc.

Step 7

Indicate personal qualities. Don't make this point too big. It is enough to write 5-7 pieces. If you want to be a leader, don't mark yourself as a good performer. On the contrary, you should write that you are ready to make decisions and be responsible for them. Those. for each vacancy, you need to select the qualities that are suitable for it, which, moreover, you have.

Step 8

Add something memorable. It can be a box in the text. You can also highlight some information (for example, full name) in a nice font. Or create a completely creative resume that has all the points filled in in a humorous way. Some employers are interested in people who can think outside the box.

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