How To Schedule Vacations

How To Schedule Vacations
How To Schedule Vacations

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According to article No. 123 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the company needs to draw up a vacation schedule.

How to schedule vacations
How to schedule vacations

In this personnel document, data on the distribution of annual leaves of all employees of the enterprise are indicated. It must be drawn up every year, the head of the enterprise approves this document, no later than 14 days before the onset of the next calendar year. If it happened that the schedule was created after the onset of the new year, then the date in it still needs to be set "retroactively".

Scheduling rules:

  1. As a rule, a vacation schedule should be drawn up according to the structural divisions of the enterprise.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the wishes of employees, a convenient vacation time for them, as well as their coincidence with production capabilities.
  3. Then the schedule is agreed with the head of a specific department.
  4. The approval of the schedule by the head of the entire enterprise, while the creation of any special order is not required.

it is better to draw up a vacation schedule according to the uniform form No. T-7 provided for it.

  1. In this form, all employees are indicated in order, including those who work part-time (in the third column)
  2. The second column of the table indicates the positions of employees, according to the staffing table
  3. In the fourth column, the personnel numbers of employees should be indicated, if any at the enterprise, if not, the column remains blank
  4. In the fifth column, you need to indicate how many calendar days are allotted for future vacation. In total, an employee has the right to take up to 28 calendar days per working year.
  5. The sixth column indicates the date from which the employee goes on vacation, the date of the end of the vacation does not need to be entered. However, if the upcoming vacation will not be used in full, but in part, then you need to specify the time intervals
  6. The remaining columns, the sixth and seventh, are filled in during the working year. The seventh column will be completed after the end of the vacation in fact, and the eighth and ninth columns are filled in if it is required to postpone the vacation period to another time
  7. In the last, tenth column, any necessary notes regarding the vacation are indicated.

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