How To Make A Tax Deduction

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How To Make A Tax Deduction
How To Make A Tax Deduction

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You can only make a tax deduction once in your life. The amount from which you can apply for a deduction is two million rubles. Accordingly, thirteen percent of it is two hundred and sixty thousand rubles.

How to make a tax deduction
How to make a tax deduction


Step 1

To register a tax deduction, you first need to independently calculate the amount from which it will be paid. If you bought a house for two million rubles or more, then everything is clear, you must be reimbursed two hundred and sixty thousand rubles. But if housing costs one million rubles, this does not mean that you will receive only one hundred and thirty thousand rubles. You can get another thirteen percent of the mortgage interest if you used the services of a bank. For example, you took out a mortgage at ten percent per annum. The amount that you pay to the bank is divided into two parts, this is the repayment of interest and the repayment of the principal debt. Usually, this information is indicated in payments in the annex to the bank agreement. The state will reimburse you thirteen percent of the interest accrued to you by the bank for the year. Also, the state will reimburse thirteen percent of the cost of repairs that you did before moving into your new home. But here you will need to present all the checks.

Step 2

Now go to the tax office. Submit your home ownership documents there. If you are the only owner, then the full cost of the property is taken into account. In the event that you own a part of the property, then it is from this part that thirteen percent will be considered for you.

Step 3

If you are married, and the home was jointly owned, then your spouse can waive the tax deduction in your favor.

Step 4

If you want a refund of interest on a mortgage, then take a certificate from the bank, which will indicate the amount of your payments for the year. If you want a refund of interest on the cost of the repair, please show all receipts you have.

Step 5

At the end of the year, go to the accounting department at work and write an application for the payment of the tax deduction. The amount paid is the part of the salary that was transferred to the pension fund for you by your employer. That is, if your salary was twenty thousand rubles a month, then the amount of payments for the year will be thirty one thousand two hundred rubles. The remaining amount will be transferred to you for the next year, and so on until you have paid in full.

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