What Is A Career Management System

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What Is A Career Management System
What Is A Career Management System

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The development of a career management system is an integral element of the business process of an enterprise. In addition, with the help of this system, strategic and logical paths are developed to achieve the goals of the enterprise.

What is a career management system
What is a career management system

Structural elements

Purpose, modern technologies, principles, functionality are the main structural elements of the career management system. In order for the employees of the enterprise to improve their professional level, and the enterprise itself to grow and develop, all elements of the structure must be closely interconnected and subordinated to one goal. The general goals of managing the career process are the development, rational use of the professional potential of employees and the enterprise as a whole. The common interests should also cover the establishment of mutual understanding between the organization and the employee on the promotion of the enterprise, as well as the creation of a favorable atmosphere for the development and professional development of personnel within the framework of the enterprise.


Career is the conscious position and behavior of a person associated with his work activity and experience. Career management system is a series of measures for organizing, monitoring and planning an employee's career development, taking into account his goals, capabilities, needs and talents. The career management system stimulates the performance of personnel, accelerates personnel movements, allowing the employee to improve his social position in society as quickly as possible, and also increases employee satisfaction with his work.

The mechanism of career management should consider the totality of organizational, administrative, economic, moral and social and psychological means. This career management process is a set of means of influence that ensure the use of the professional experience of the organization's personnel and the practical application of their career strategy. The career management process is presented as a result of the interaction of a system and a mechanism, and includes a series of sequential actions.

Career management system

The effectiveness and necessity of a career management system lies in the fact that it unites and implements, on mutually beneficial terms, the needs of a person, the interests of an enterprise and society as a whole. It should be noted that although both the employee and the enterprise are interested in career management, the enterprise is still the initiator, since it has a career space, without which development is impossible. Of course, if there is no desire and aspiration of the person himself, then career growth will not take place, but nevertheless, it is much easier to create conditions for career growth than a career space to achieve a common goal.

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