How To Store Orders

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How To Store Orders
How To Store Orders

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All documents of the organization must be properly stored. A clear system allows you to instantly find the desired piece of paper. Some types of documents have their own storage rules, for example, for orders.

Documents love neatness
Documents love neatness


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Step 1

Create an order log where all orders for the organization will be recorded. The journal must be necessarily bound and numbered, which excludes postscripts or deletion of pages.

Step 2

The journal must contain certain columns. The approximate content of the columns may be as follows: a column where the number of the entry is indicated in order, the column with the date of the order, the column with a summary of the order, the column with the order number, the column where the employee leaves a mark on familiarization with this order. Additionally, a column can be added indicating the location of the order (folders or box).

Step 3

All orders should be sorted into folders: orders for the admission and dismissal of employees (personnel orders), orders that reflect employee incentives, sending them on business trips and vacations, orders reflecting the main activities of the organization. If orders have excellent retention periods, separate folders are created for them.

Step 4

The order storage system must be clear, systematized and ensure the continuity of the numbers assigned to orders. This is especially true when the order is withdrawn for work. It is recommended that you make a photocopy of the seized order to avoid confusion.

Step 5

All orders must be printed on the organization's letterhead. In this case, the seal on the order is not required. If the order is printed on a plain sheet of paper, then the seal of the organization must be on it.

Step 6

If the enterprise has adopted an electronic system for storing orders, then it must be uniform throughout the organization. Employees who have the right to put their signature on these documents must have access to electronic orders. It is very convenient in this case to use EDS (electronic digital signature). It is recommended to print the order log in any case.

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