How To Organize Work In The HR Department

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How To Organize Work In The HR Department
How To Organize Work In The HR Department
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In smaller organizations, HR functions and HR administration are often additional responsibilities of a secretary or accountant. But as the company grows and its staff grows, you cannot do without creating a human resources department. For every 100-150 people, you will need to enter 1 employee of this department.

How to organize work in the HR department
How to organize work in the HR department


Step 1

Decide how many people will work in the HR department. Modern personnel office work, in addition to the traditional accounting of personnel, maintaining documents and issuing orders for personnel, includes other tasks. These are methodological developments for the selection of applicants, the organization of cooperation with recruiting agencies, the creation and updating of the database of applicants. The personnel department must also monitor the performance of official duties by employees of the enterprise, organize their training and certification, oversee labor and wages issues.

Step 2

Distribute responsibilities among the personnel in the human resources department in accordance with these tasks. If necessary, create groups of several people who will deal with the selected areas. Write a position on the HR department and job descriptions for each job. In the regulations on the personnel department, list its main tasks and functions. Define the rights and responsibilities of HR employees. Write down in this document how the interaction with the rest of the structural divisions will be carried out.

Step 3

Prepare a list of regulatory documents that the HR officer of your company will be guided by in their work. Consider the need to develop and issue local regulations that will apply to your company.

Step 4

Make a list of cases to be handled by the HR department at the enterprise. Develop forms of statistical reporting, determine the frequency of preparation and submission of personnel reporting. Develop requirements for the design of personnel documentation, check its legitimacy. Develop a regulation on the archive, determine the storage period for documents.

Step 5

Think over the issues of optimizing the work of the personnel department, its automation. Purchase specialized software, train employees and implement it in your enterprise.

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