How To Get The Status Of A Lawyer

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How To Get The Status Of A Lawyer
How To Get The Status Of A Lawyer

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Any person with knowledge in any branch of law can provide legal assistance, represent interests in court. Lawyers are professional highly qualified lawyers who are members of the Bar Association. More stringent requirements are imposed on the work of a lawyer, so citizens have more confidence in them. To obtain the status of a lawyer, a number of conditions must be met.

How to get the status of a lawyer
How to get the status of a lawyer


Step 1

The applicant must have full legal capacity. Those incapacitated, those with limited legal capacity cannot obtain the status of a lawyer. Also, persons who have an outstanding or unexpunged conviction for committing an intentional crime are not eligible to apply.

Step 2

Requirements for education and work experience.

Step 3

Have a high qualification, this is confirmed by passing a qualifying exam. The organization and acceptance of exams is carried out by the qualification commission of the bar association of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation. To pass the exam, the applicant submits the following documents: - passport, - a questionnaire,

- a copy of the work book, - a copy of the diploma of obtaining higher legal education.

All documents are presented in the form of notarized copies or be certified by the organization that issued them.

Within two months, the documents and information provided by the applicant are checked. After that, the commission decides on admission to the exam, appoints the date for passing the exam. In this case, the citizen is handed a list of questions to prepare for the exam.

Step 4

The direct passing of the qualification exam consists of a written and an oral part. Persons who have successfully answered the written part of the exam are admitted to the interview.

Step 5

The decision of the commission is issued to the candidate in the form of an extract from the minutes of the meeting, which contains a conclusion on the assignment or refusal to assign the status of a lawyer.

Step 6

A person who successfully passes the exam takes the oath and from that moment becomes a member of the subject's bar association.

Step 7

Information on the acquisition of a lawyer's status is entered into the register of lawyers by the territorial body of the Ministry of Justice. Within a month after receiving information about membership in a bar association, a lawyer's certificate is issued, which is the only document confirming the status of a lawyer.

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