How To Disassemble An Office Chair

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How To Disassemble An Office Chair
How To Disassemble An Office Chair

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble an office chair. Most manufacturers put assembly instructions in the box with the chair, but disassembling the product can be difficult in the absence of experience.

How to disassemble an office chair
How to disassemble an office chair


Plain and rubberized hammers, chisel or metal tube, screwdriver


Step 1

When disassembling an office chair, you may need a regular and rubberized hammer, a chisel or a round metal tube with a diameter of 30-40 mm.

Step 2

Place the chair against the wall, stand with your feet on the crosspiece facing the chair and grab the armrests. Have an assistant insure you against a possible fall. Pull the chair up by the armrests, swinging it in different directions.

Step 3

If the bed is detached from the gas lift, turn the crosspiece with the gas lift downward and keep it suspended slightly above the floor while tapping the edge of the gas lift with a hammer. Use a chisel or metal tube if the hammer does not reach the edge. You should knock carefully, trying in no case to hit the center of the gas lift - there is a mounting bracket that is sensitive to impacts.

Step 4

If the gas lift is detached from the cross but remains in the swing mechanism, hold the seat with the gas lift down. Rock it with a rubber hammer on the upper stage that comes out of the swing mechanism. At the same time, the gas lift will slightly loosen and go out.

Step 5

After separating the gas lift, remove the wheels. Sometimes, when you pull the wheels out with your hands, the metal pin remains in the crosspiece. Remove it with pliers and return it to its place with a hammer or by hand.

Step 6

If the swing mechanism needs to be replaced, unscrew the four fixing screws and remove the swing mechanism.

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