Is It Possible Not To Privatize The Apartment

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Is It Possible Not To Privatize The Apartment
Is It Possible Not To Privatize The Apartment
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The law "On the privatization of housing in the Russian Federation" was adopted back in 1991, but until today, according to experts, a little more than 70% of Russians have used their right to register social housing in ownership. Since the free privatization period expires on March 1, 2015, it looks like the remaining 30% of Russia's residents will no longer participate in it.

Is it possible not to privatize the apartment
Is it possible not to privatize the apartment


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It is entirely up to you to privatize or not privatize your housing where you live under a social tenancy agreement. This procedure is voluntary and no one can oblige you or your household to do this. Moreover, the privatization of housing has quite a lot of disadvantages, which have already forced some of the citizens who have registered their apartments in ownership to write applications and unprivatize them.

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Citizens face the first negative results of privatization literally the very next month after they receive the Certificate of ownership. This is an increase in the amount they have to pay for utilities - additional lines appear in the receipts, where the so-called general needs of the house are taken into account. Now they have the responsibility to maintain and maintain not only their apartment, but also staircases, elevators, garbage chutes, attics and other common areas, as well as the adjacent territory. Overhaul of the house is also carried out by the homeowners. If a family living in an apartment under a social tenancy agreement, in the event of a fire, can count on financial support from the owner of the home - the municipality, in this case, you will have to repair the apartment entirely at your own expense.

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Another trouble that the authorities are preparing may await homeowners in the near future. The fact is that the property tax that they pay to the budget today is calculated based on its inventory value, which is determined by the BTI. It is usually low. But soon the State Duma plans to adopt new rules for calculating this tax, reducing the percentage of deductions, but changing the inventory value in its base to the estimated one. And this means that now your own apartment can be valued much higher than even the market value, since very vague and conditional methods are used for this.

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It should be noted that receiving a privatized apartment as a gift or inheritance by will, if you are not a direct relative of the donor or testator, you will have to pay a state fee and a rather large amount for registration of ownership. In addition, upon demolition of the house in which your own apartment is located, you cannot expect to receive new housing in accordance with the social norms for the number of residents - you are supposed to have housing of the same area and not a meter more.

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