How To Become A DJ

How To Become A DJ
How To Become A DJ
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Subdued light, strobe flickering and an enveloping sound that fills the whole body with incendiary energy - every visitor to the nightclub is well aware of the magnetic atmosphere of the dance floor. Some come here to relax, others make new acquaintances, and the DJ just works here. But few will refuse the offer to swap places with him. What does a person feel when they calmly spin the records when they control the pulse and mood of the whole audience?

How to become a DJ
How to become a DJ

It is not as difficult to become a DJ as it might seem at first glance. The specificity of this musician's activity lies in the fact that he does not create his own tracks, but only plays someone else's. In this profession, you can work quite successfully without having a composer's talent and musical education, you just need to have an ear and passionately love your job. Here is one of the options for climbing to the cherished goal.

  1. Start actively using thematic sites (, Here's a ton of useful tips for beginners to get you up to speed quickly.
  2. Install on your PC software that simulates the work of a DJ and experiment using the information received on the Internet. The intuitive Traktor DJ Studio software, which emulates playing on vinyl and CD players, has proven itself quite well. Its study is not particularly difficult and does not take much time.
  3. Throw a party at home as soon as you have more or less confident mixing skills. Having connected a pair of powerful speakers to the computer, the guests can play a small set of their favorite songs. Repeat such activities until you hone your mixing skills in the program.
  4. Make friends with a working DJ and start mastering real equipment. Ask him for help in choosing your own appliances.
  5. Continue home concerts using the purchased accessories. You can also improve your technique with headphones, but from time to time it is imperative to practice the game in public. For a change, you can rent amplifying equipment and arrange open-air on the lawn of a country house.
  6. Search for sites. Career begins with performances "opening up" with more famous colleagues.

Throughout all the actions described, it is necessary to constantly replenish the baggage of knowledge, personal collection of music and remember that the prospect of becoming a DJ directly depends on the desire to develop.

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