What Is The Highest Paid Profession

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What Is The Highest Paid Profession
What Is The Highest Paid Profession
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Despite the fact that all professions are important and all jobs are good, almost everyone wants to get as much as possible for their work. The lists of the highest paid professions are compiled quite regularly, although the demand for certain specialists often depends on the state of affairs in the world.

What is the highest paid profession
What is the highest paid profession


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In Russia, according to official data, one of the most lucrative professions is the profession of a civil aviation pilot. Their monthly income ranges from 150 to 500 thousand rubles, which gives, on average, a little more than three and a half million rubles a year. This is due to the fact that airlines regularly complain about the lack of qualified pilots. The next on the list are mid-level specialists in the oil and gas industry, whose monthly earnings average 150-200 thousand rubles. Marketing professionals in the position of director can expect about the same amount. In addition, in some periods in Russia, anti-crisis managers are highly valued, whose income during crises reaches half a million rubles a month. Naturally, the salaries of managers of large industrial or oil-producing enterprises far exceed all these figures, but the probability of getting into the top management of an oil company is practically close to zero, while retraining as a pilot, for example, is quite possible.

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As for the world indicators, pilots are valued here too, earning about the same 10 thousand dollars a month, but they are far from being in the leaders of the list of the most paid professions. And the first place is confidently taken by doctors-anesthesiologists, whose qualifications are estimated abroad at about 20 thousand dollars a month. In general, almost all ten of the most profitable professions abroad are doctors: general practitioners earn 18 thousand dollars a month, surgeons - about 17 thousand. In addition, the list includes dentists, neurosurgeons, plastic surgery specialists. Employees of the oil and gas industry, top managers and marketers are at about the same level of income.

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An approximately equal level of salaries in Russia and in the world for various kinds of IT specialists: programmers, administrators, web designers - about 3 thousand dollars a month. The elitism of these professions (and hence the income from them) has largely diminished with the influx of cheap labor from India and China into this market.

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