How To Set A Goal

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How To Set A Goal
How To Set A Goal

Video: How To Set A Goal

Video: How To Set A Goal
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When starting any business, you must be clearly aware of what you are starting it for. To understand this, you need to learn how to set goals correctly. Only with a clear goal can a person really succeed. You can learn how to do this from the instructions below.

How to set a goal
How to set a goal


Step 1

In order to correctly set a goal, you must clearly understand for yourself what exactly you are setting this goal for. After all, before you somehow managed without this goal, but now you need to set it. You must determine for yourself the need for setting a goal, and also understand what goals you want to set for yourself, because there are many types of goals.

Step 2

Now take a piece of paper and a pen. Imagine yourself in ten years and on paper describe your life in as much detail as possible, as you see it under the best circumstances. Describe your life as you would like to see it. Describe as many details as possible and do not be shy in your imagination, but remember: you will never get more than what you write now. That is, if you write that you would like a million dollars, you will not be able to get two million dollars - it works like a program.

Step 3

Divide your plan into several components: work (write what you would like to do, what level of income you would like to have, describe the features of your work in great detail), family (are you married / married, do you have children, what kind of relationships, how you relax, where you live, what social status you have), social sphere (how many friends do you have, what social characteristics do you have, what good do you do for society and what good does society do for you).

Step 4

Analyze what is written and highlight the main goals, for example, an apartment, a car, travel, entertainment, etc.

Step 5

Now disassemble each of these points in detail. For example, take the goal "apartment". Describe in great detail where this apartment is located, how many rooms it has, how it looks, what kind of house it is in, how much it costs, etc. Also disassemble the car in detail - whether it is domestic or a foreign car, which brand, how much it should cost, what characteristics it should have, what color it should be, etc.

Step 6

Get involved in visualization. Find images of your targets - pictures of cars, views of the seaside, pictures of a house, etc. Every time, imagine yourself in this picture, or even better, cut out your photo and add it to this picture.

Step 7

From all your goals, choose the most important ones. There shouldn't be too many of them.

Step 8

Now make a rough step-by-step plan for how you will go towards your goals.

Step 9

Return to your goals constantly, every day, and, most importantly, do at least something to achieve them.

May all your dreams come true! Good luck to you!

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