How To Design A Mini-museum

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How To Design A Mini-museum
How To Design A Mini-museum
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A mini-museum usually opens at some institution - a library, a school, a factory. It differs from the classic large museum in both the area and the number of employees. It is not so difficult to arrange a mini-museum on the territory of the organization.

How to arrange a mini-museum
How to arrange a mini-museum


Step 1

First, prepare the exhibits that will be presented in the mini-museum. A set of things should be united by one common theme, for example, a collection of butterflies or old photographs. Determine how much space you need for a mini-museum. Will he occupy a separate room or will it be enough to arrange a small corner.

Step 2

Develop a concept for the future museum: what are the goals for the creators, and what tasks need to be solved, who will visit and serve the museum. The concept is usually developed by an initiative group - people interested in creating a museum, as a rule, are enthusiasts who pursue educational goals.

Step 3

Even a small museum consisting of one room must have a project - a technical document that reflects the internal structure. It is necessary to fix on paper the location of the future exposition in the room

Step 4

Elect a mini-museum leader. It is this person who will be responsible for the material and technical support of the activity: updating the exhibits, decorating the expositions. A support board can be formed to support the development of a work plan.

Step 5

Any museum should have an inventory book with numbered pages. This is a document with a permanent shelf life. All exhibits fit there under the numbers. The inventory book is entered in the nomenclature of the affairs of the enterprise.

Step 6

After preparing the necessary documents, write an application addressed to the director with a request for permission to establish a mini-museum on the territory of the organization. By order of the head, the museum is put on the balance of the organization.

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