The Benefits Of Clutter On Your Desktop

The Benefits Of Clutter On Your Desktop
The Benefits Of Clutter On Your Desktop
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If your workplace is a table, chair, computer and all sorts of pieces of paper, then don't try to keep it in perfect order. Chaos is fraught with unexpected bonuses.

The benefits of clutter on your desktop
The benefits of clutter on your desktop

1. Everything is in place

Believe it or not, desktop clutter can save you a few hours of your weekly work time. “The heaps on your desk can be a highly effective system for prioritized access and retrieval,” explains David Friedman, author of Perfect Chaos. - Accurate people spend 36% more time looking for the right thing. Any disorder has its own logic: the location and depth of documents tell you how old or important they are."

2. Memory plus

“You don’t need to delete documents from the desktop of your work computer just because there is no immediate need for them,” continues Friedman. Instead, take the advice of David Kirsch, a cognitive scientist at the University of San Diego: “The monitor should be used as an external memory. The more files on the desktop, the better: new ideas may well be born out of this mess. " And if you need to find something urgently, do not forget to use the basic search engine, which is available in any operating system.

3. Mess 3D

“Clutter is generally famous for the fact that it spurs creativity. When unexpected things are next to each other, you draw unexpected conclusions for yourself, and in three dimensions this effect is even stronger, says Friedman. "A note on the table, a sticker on the wall, a trinket suspended from a lamp - in a three-dimensional workspace, the brain generates more ideas due to the emergence of unusual associations." And try to explain it to the cleaning lady who regularly tries to disturb your perfect mess.

4. Sabotage?

The problem is that the rank-and-file boss is programmed to react in a predictable way: if an employee has a mess in his workplace, then he has the same mess in his work. “For pedantic, organized people, disorder is a rebellion against order,” explains psychologist Mary Sherry. "So you have two options: either clearly explain how effective your" system "is for the common cause, or show loyalty and get out."

5. Caution

In 2010, 3244 people died as a result of industrial accidents in Russia (data from Rostrud). Negligence towards the state of your workplace is one of the reasons. We don’t mean to say that office work is as dangerous as a shift in a mine, but if you are burying an overflowing ashtray in a pile of papers, beware. And in order not to bury yourself in scrapbooks, clippings and other necessary things, try using the Evernote resource. com. It is designed just to store all the information you need in one place and have access to it from anywhere with the Internet.

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