How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments Right Now

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How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments Right Now
How To Make Money On The Internet Without Investments Right Now

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More and more people are interested in how to make money on the Internet without investments right now. There are many opportunities for making money online that the average user is quite capable of mastering. It is worth considering the most affordable and profitable ones.

Find out how to make money on the Internet without investments right now
Find out how to make money on the Internet without investments right now

Earning money on the Internet by completing assignments

One of the simplest and most understandable ways to make money on the Internet without investment right now is to complete various tasks. Websites offering this type of income are called "buxes". Registered users are provided with various tasks that are completed in a certain time. This could be reading promotional emails or visiting certain web pages. Some axle boxes have been operating for many years and regularly pay performers, for example, SEO Sprint and WMmail. Others are not as durable and reliable, so you should first study user reviews on the Internet.

There is also a form of earning money on the Internet by completing tasks, which involves certain actions in social networks. For example, users "like" photos and posts of different people, getting paid for it. A similar opportunity is offered by the Turbotext exchange, as well as the Socpublic website. Another way to make money is to participate in online surveys (Anketka website and others). One way or another, earnings from completing tasks on the Internet are the lowest (on average, users receive about 1000-3000 rubles a month), but this is a great opportunity for self-realization for beginners and people with limited time.

Make money on the Internet by writing texts

A more profitable and one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet without investment right now is undoubtedly copywriting, that is, writing texts to order. You can take on such tasks on specialized resources - text exchanges. The oldest and most well-established resources are:

  • Textsale;
  • Advego;
  • eTXT;
  • Turbotext;
  • ContentMonster.

Earning from writing texts is as follows: the author leaves an application for the task he likes, and the customer, having studied the applications from all potential performers, chooses the one who will eventually create the text. This is influenced by rating, reviews, the number of tasks completed by the author and other factors. Thus, at first, the contractor deals with extremely inexpensive and simple orders, but after a while he gets every chance to compete with the best authors for receiving high-paying orders.

However, you can make money writing texts not only on exchanges. If you have a high level of literacy and good experience in fulfilling orders on various topics, you can try to place an appropriate ad on social networks or advertising platforms. Experience shows that many customers of texts with a large budget are looking for permanent performers on all kinds of platforms, and really good authors have good chances to attract their attention. As for the average monthly earnings, in copywriting it depends on the speed of the performer's work and his ability to find more expensive orders. Already at the initial stage, most authors receive from 10,000-15,000 rubles a month.

Make money online on freelance

If you have any specialized skills, you can make money online without investment right now on freelancing. Freelancers are people who do work via the Internet remotely, that is, they are essentially freelancers. Some contractors prefer to take on one assignment from different customers, while others work with one or more employers on a permanent basis.

What jobs are usually available to freelancers? The most frequently offered job is programming websites, applications and other information projects. Web designers, SEO (website promotion) specialists, website creation masters and others are also involved. The best freelance sites are:


Taking orders for fulfillment happens in much the same way as on text exchanges. Users leave a request under one or several orders, and customers choose the best performer at their discretion and entrust him with this task. A pleasant addition to the work is that experienced freelancers are gradually beginning to notice and offer them jobs without participating in tenders, which significantly increases income. If a freelancer has really high experience in one of the areas, then he may well be able to earn several tens of thousands of rubles a month.

Make money on the Internet on your website

The most confident users can consider making money on the Internet on their website. A few years ago, such an opportunity to make money on the Internet was available only to webmasters who had completed special courses, but now this type of income is available even to ordinary housewives. To begin with, it is enough to come up with a name for the site and decide on its subject, then register a domain (name) and place it on a hosting (a server where all information about the site is stored). The service from Yandex Narod allows you to do this without investment, but you can also pay a small amount and choose one of the paid, but more reliable hosting (Reg, Nic, Ru-domain, etc.).

The best option for a beginner site builder is to create a so-called "article", that is, a resource that will host text articles on the topic of interest to the author. The latter should be in the same demand among other Internet users, and key phrases should be placed in the texts themselves (to find them, it is enough to pay attention to the queries that users ask in Yandex and other Internet search engines). After a while, when the site has a stable traffic, you can place Google Adsense or YAN ad units (or ads from other banner and teaser networks) on it, the clicks of visitors on which will bring the site owner constant income.

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