How To Get Maternity Benefits In

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How To Get Maternity Benefits In
How To Get Maternity Benefits In

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Video: How To Get Maternity Benefits In
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Maternity benefits include a lump sum and maternity allowance, which are paid to a woman at the start of maternity leave. These are one-time payments and they are due to any woman, regardless of whether she worked before the onset of maternity leave or was officially unemployed. The procedure for receiving benefits is clearly regulated by Russian law.

How to get maternity benefits
How to get maternity benefits


Step 1

A woman registered in the early stages of pregnancy has the right to receive a one-time benefit, which currently amounts to 438 rubles. A lump sum is paid only to working women in service and full-time students. You can get it at the same time as the maternity allowance by providing a certificate of the established form issued by the medical institution at the place of work.

Step 2

The maternity allowance is paid at the time a woman takes maternity leave, which lasts 140 days for single pregnancies and 194 days for multiple pregnancies.

Step 3

If, before the start of maternity leave, a woman officially worked, it means that she must write a statement of the established form in the personnel department at the place of work and attach a certificate of incapacity for work to it. In the case when a woman worked part-time before going on maternity leave, she can receive an allowance from each employer and for this the expectant mother must be provided with several sick leaves.

Step 4

The accrual of maternity benefits is made no later than 10 days after the application is written. A woman can receive benefits at the place of work or on a plastic card, depending on what method of payment with employees is provided in the organization. Benefits are paid in full and on the next day when the organization issues a salary.

Step 5

In 2011, the calculation period for calculating benefits is taken in two calendar years preceding the onset of maternity leave. When calculating maternity benefits, 100 percent earnings are taken, but sick leave and vacation pay are not taken into account.

Step 6

In a situation where a woman, before the onset of maternity leave, was officially unemployed or a student of a stationary form of study at a university, maternity benefits will be paid by the social protection body at the actual place of residence. In this case, the amount of the benefit will not exceed 1 minimum wage.

Step 7

You must apply for benefits no later than 6 months after the birth of your child. Maternity benefits are not subject to taxation and insurance benefits.