How To Tell About Pregnancy At Work

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How To Tell About Pregnancy At Work
How To Tell About Pregnancy At Work

Video: How To Tell About Pregnancy At Work

Video: How To Tell About Pregnancy At Work
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How to properly communicate your situation to colleagues and management? A woman often postpones this delicate question until the last moment, not noticing how they begin to whisper behind her back.

How to tell about pregnancy at work
How to tell about pregnancy at work


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With rare exceptions, the team responds positively to the pregnancy of female employees. The employer does not suffer financially, because all payments come from various funds, but not from the employer's pocket. Often the pregnant woman is asked to take off the accumulated vacation days so that she is at the workplace as little as possible. It is best to notify management as early as possible. This will allow you to transfer cases to a newly hired employee without any problems and prevent gossip at work. If you are a leader, you should gather a team, accept congratulations and introduce you to a new boss.

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You can talk about pregnancy at 14-16 weeks, but not earlier. In the early stages, spontaneous miscarriages often occur, it may be necessary to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons. It will be better if a narrow circle of people knows about it.

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Having told a secret to one colleague, it is highly likely that in a few days the whole office will know about your interesting situation. And it will be extremely unpleasant if the manager does not hear the news from you. It is optimal if you tell your immediate superior, and he will announce to all employees at the next planning meeting, having chosen the right words. Given his position in the team, congratulations can be dry and restrained, without unnecessary details and lisps. Following this, ask the manager to move on to work issues related to the transfer of cases, the search for a replacement employee.

Step 4

If you do not plan to tell your colleagues about your pregnancy, a private conversation with the management is necessary. You can discuss work issues without involving other team members. You can ask to be transferred to a free schedule or to take part of the work home. This practice is the norm: people work together, but this does not oblige them to talk about their personal life. Although in creative teams, the pregnancy of an employee can become an incentive for a new project created especially for her.

Step 5

If pregnant women are not welcome in your team, you also need to inform, but as late as possible. Optimally ─ before going on maternity leave. This can be done both in person and by official letter. The sick leave should be entered into the accounting department, where all questions about the payment of benefits will be resolved. Some go on vacation or take sick leave and only then go on maternity leave. This way you can minimize contacts with the team.

Step 6

To the misunderstanding of team members who have not been notified of pregnancy, you can answer that you are already a fairly mature person and do not need additional support. If this answer seems too harsh, say that the pregnancy was complicated and you did not want to "jinx" it.