How To Fill Out A Complaint Book

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How To Fill Out A Complaint Book
How To Fill Out A Complaint Book
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If you were sold a low-quality product and they refuse to return the money, if you are unhappy with the level of service, then you can reflect all your claims in the book of complaints and suggestions.

How to fill out a complaint book
How to fill out a complaint book

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RF Law of 07.02.1992 "On Protection of Consumer Rights"


Step 1

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the purchased product, and the store refuses to return the money, if you are outraged by the low level of service? To punish negligent sellers (cooks, waiters, administrators), you need to fill out a complaint book.

Step 2

The staff of a shopping or entertainment establishment is obliged to provide you with a book of complaints and suggestions upon request. Often unscrupulous sellers refuse the buyer, saying that the previous book is over, and the new one will only be tomorrow. Do not believe them, demand to call a superior employee.

Step 3

Having received the book of complaints in your hands, fill in the available fields (date, application number) and describe in detail the essence of the claim.

Provide as much accurate information as possible (exact time of the incident, sales receipt number, name of the employee who served you, etc.).

Step 4

Describe without emotion what specific actions have violated your rights. If there have been abusive statements addressed to you, indicate them (profanity should not be quoted verbatim).

Step 5

After describing the situation in detail, indicate your contact information.

Step 6

If a completely egregious incident has occurred that angered not only you, but also those around you, then you can involve them in filing a complaint as witnesses. They must also leave their comments in the complaint book and include their contact details. In this case, your chances of receiving not only the money owed to you, but also compensation in the event of legal proceedings, increase.

Step 7

There is a response form on the back of your application. It will need to be completed by the institution's management, listing what has been done to resolve your complaint. If within a week the administration could not figure out the situation (exceptions are complex complaints that require expert examinations, analyzes, inquiries), and your complaint remained unanswered, then feel free to contact the consumer rights protection society, and then, if necessary, to the court.

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