How To See Off To Retirement

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How To See Off To Retirement
How To See Off To Retirement

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A person's retirement is an important moment in everyone's life, as it sums up the professional activity. As a rule, colleagues strive to make this event joyful and memorable.

How to see off to retirement
How to see off to retirement

It is necessary

Paper + pen or computer, graphics programs + printer or whatman paper + paints + photos + magazines


Step 1

Track the professional history of the retiring professional. What position did he start with, who he is now and what achievements, awards he has. Interview your colleagues about the opinion of the newly-made retiree and wishes for the future life. Think about the hobbies of a leaving worker, such as fishing, reading books.

Step 2

Consider a memorable gift that recognizes the employee's merit and can be used in everyday life. For example, a middle manager who is fond of car models is retiring. As a gift, you can present a radio-controlled model of a sports car with his name on the hood and the words "Your professional path was just as swift, noticeable and effective!"

Step 3

Based on the data obtained, make a wall newspaper dedicated to the retiring specialist. You can use photos, statements of colleagues, certificates and the like. It can be done both in graphic programs and printed in a photo center, as well as on a sheet of Whatman paper. On retirement day, place it next to the employee's desk. He will be pleased to remember his professional path and achievements. He will also appreciate your attention to his career.

Step 4

Write a script in a playful or serious form, in which the whole team will be involved, highlight the professional path of a pensioner and its achievements. It is desirable to include contests in which the retiring employee can demonstrate their skills. If possible, invite those with whom the employee started his career and with whom he does not work now.

Step 5

If there is a corporate newspaper or feed, an achievement board, and the like, cover the event there. Take full advantage of your company's corporate and professional cultures.

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