How To Hold A Meeting

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How To Hold A Meeting
How To Hold A Meeting

Video: How To Hold A Meeting

Video: How To Hold A Meeting
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If you decide to hold a rally in field conditions (forest, bonfires, tents), then for its organization the choice of a venue and the development and organization of a sports and entertainment program is not enough. To ensure the "legality" of the event, as well as the safety of the participants, it will take a lot of work.

How to hold a meeting
How to hold a meeting


Step 1

The first thing that is necessary is to enlist the support of the administration of the municipality on the territory of which the meeting is being held. Write an official letter to the head of administration and ask for organizational support. Attach the Regulations on the meeting to the letter.

Step 2

The next step is to obtain a "visa" from the forestry. Here you will also need an official letter, in which it is necessary to stipulate the planned measures of environmental and fire safety (digging in fires, a ban on cutting down living trees, cleaning the glade and removing garbage after the event). Do not forget to mention that the meeting is held "with the support of the administration." It is advisable to visit the venue of the meeting together with a representative of the forestry and mark the trees allowed for cutting. Perhaps the forestry will require permission from the fire department, or at least notify it about the meeting.

Step 3

Talk to the district administration about how the security will be organized: either a police representative will be on duty in the clearing, or you must have a telephone to call the "rapid response team" (this may be needed, for example, in the event of a visit by aggressive youth from the nearest village) …

Step 4

There should be a doctor in the clearing who can provide the victim with first aid or decide to evacuate to the nearest hospital (its location must be clarified in advance). The task of the organizers is to provide him with all the necessary medicines. Of course, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a car that can be used for emergency hospitalization.

Step 5

The organizers should also take care of the minimum level of comfort for the participants. The main thing is drinking water. If there is no spring near the clearing, it will be necessary to organize the delivery of water to the clearing. The options may be different: an agreement with Vodokanal on the delivery of a barrel of water; purchase of bottled water; periodic flights with cans to the nearest settlement - to a well or a column. When calculating the required amount of water, one can proceed from the consumption rate, which is about 2.5 liters per person per day. If there is no river near the clearing, the water from which can be used for washing and washing dishes, this figure should be at least doubled.

Step 6

If more than 200 people will participate in the rally, it is necessary to rent dry closets or independently build a structure such as "ditch, planks, five stakes, opaque polyethylene or roofing material" and stock up on disinfectants. The calculation of the required number of "seats" is made according to the formula "one toilet per 100 people", while with an equal number of women and men, the number of "ladies'" seats should be one and a half to two times more than for men.

Step 7

Do not forget to inform the participants of the meeting about the rules of conduct in the meadow. "Gentleman's set" of recommendations: take away trash after yourself (trash bags can be purchased centrally and distributed to participants); dig in fires before lighting and do not leave the fire unattended; chop only dead wood; in tick-borne areas - systematically inspect clothing and exposed areas of the body; in case of injury or discomfort, consult a doctor.

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