How To Design A Letterhead

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How To Design A Letterhead
How To Design A Letterhead
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The task of the letterhead is presented in two main areas, each of which carries its own load and plays an important role in the process of interaction with business partners. This is definitely a necessary informative part to get information about your details. No less significant is the other part - the graphic one, as a component of the company's image for new partners. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the letterhead in the best traditions of business etiquette.

How to design a letterhead
How to design a letterhead


Step 1

First, think over the informative part of the letterhead, based on the specifics of your business. There are no general rules dictating the content of the informative part. Each company develops its own requirements for the design of the letterhead and fixes their description in the brand book. However, it is mandatory to indicate the name of the company or brand, logo, address and contact information. Additionally, you can place registration data here (TIN, KPP, PSRN, etc.), bank details (name of the bank, numbers of settlement and correspondent accounts, BIK).

Step 2

Having prepared the text that will be placed on the form, discuss its design and use, first of all, based on the conditions of the market in which you have to operate. For example, to work with foreign partners, it is preferable to place all or part of the information in a foreign language. Therefore, you will need to take care of the high-quality translation of the posted text.

Step 3

Pay special attention to the design of the graphic part. The design that matches the company's image and forms the perception of the brand among potential partners is important here. Therefore, it is best to entrust the development of this part to a professional designer. To do this, you must formulate clear requirements and convey the materials you have. This is a logo, text, as well as information about corporate colors and fonts, requirements for the type of paper, of course, provided that they were developed in advance.

Step 4

Having prepared all the necessary information for placement on the letterhead, you can proceed to its design yourself if you do not have the time or opportunity to contact the designer. The simplest option can be created without knowledge of graphic programs, using only a text editor Word. Here you should remember that the company logo and name are most often placed in the upper left part of the sheet (but there are no hard and fast rules here either). And immediately below them is the rest of the information, usually in small print.

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