How To Get To The Factory

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How To Get To The Factory
How To Get To The Factory

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The factory is the most wonderful place in the world. Here rivers of milk flow in the jelly banks, and the ear of the workers is delighted by the sounds of working mechanisms, through which the friendly obscene recitative of the head of the shop breaks through every now and then. At lunchtime, the lucky ones who come to the factory are waiting for delicious cutlets in the factory canteen. Those who excel in the production process sometimes even receive a salary. The factory is a wonderful place, but getting there is not easy.

Factory - a heavenly place
Factory - a heavenly place


Step 1

Method one Get a job. After all, it's not that hard. The factory is a place where the path is open to all those who suffer. Just take your education certificate, passport, work book, certificate of income from the previous place of work (personal income tax-2), a few 3x4 photos and go to the personnel department. In the personnel department you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, an application and send you home to wait for the result. It is possible that in addition to filling out various forms, you will have to go through an interview. After a while (sometimes right away) you will find out the result - whether you are suitable for working in a factory.

Step 2

Method Two: Find a hole in the fence. There are fences around all factories. They are needed in order to protect the measured, idle and comfortable life of factory workers from the envious glances of passers-by. Holes appear in any fence sooner or later. This is an axiom. Your task is to find such a hole and slip into it unnoticed. If you are lucky, you can spiritually (but, alas, not physically) join the factory-fence world.

Step 3

Method Three: Find a janitor. This is such a special person who lets workers into the factory. He decides who is worthy to be admitted to the holy of holies and who is not. Your task is to alleviate the fate of this unfortunate person, who bears a huge responsibility for a very modest salary, with a small donation. Money is usually used as an offering. After receiving an offering, watchmen (as well as doormen, guards at the entrance, security guards, sentries, police and private security guards and other Cerberus) usually become less harsh, more friendly and even, most likely, will let you into the object (factory) they protect.

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