How To Schedule Cleaning

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How To Schedule Cleaning
How To Schedule Cleaning

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Scheduling cleaning is no longer a rarity in modern offices and companies. Sometimes the employees themselves have to keep the offices clean due to the lack of cleaning ladies. The question arises of how to do this so as not to offend anyone and to fairly distribute responsibilities.

How to schedule cleaning
How to schedule cleaning


Step 1

Make a complete list of employees who should be involved in cleaning. Make an appointment and discuss all the accumulated questions about this, including material ones. Each idea must be heard, so that in the future there are no problems and no one has to defend their rights. To do this, clearly articulate responsibilities.

Step 2

Choose someone who will agree to set up a cleaning schedule and continually renew it. It can be calculated for a week, a month in advance. It all depends on the decision of the team and on the degree of pollution. If the schedule is drawn up for a week, then two or three people can participate in the cleaning, which will greatly simplify the work and the distribution of duties. This approach will greatly save personal time, and will not bother anyone.

Step 3

Always plan your cleaning schedule in advance and adjust as needed. This is necessary to avoid quarrels. If the conflict is already ripe, then try to find out its true causes and find a way to reconciliation.

Step 4

Consider the capabilities of each employee and show respect. Not everyone can clean only on Mondays or, for example, only on a certain day of the month. In this case, the schedule is drawn up individually, if this is excluded, then the employees will solve this problem in a working order, changing the duty among themselves with a personal agreement.

Step 5

Arrange everything competently and hang it in the most conspicuous place. In the cleaning schedule, it is imperative to indicate the place and date of drawing up, surnames, names, patronymics of those responsible for cleaning and controlling the cleaning, the names of the places of cleaning. There must be the necessary seals, confirmed by the administration of the organization.

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