How To Upgrade A Category

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How To Upgrade A Category
How To Upgrade A Category

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Many workers sooner or later face the issue of upgrading the category (qualification). This is due to a number of reasons: the desire to have a large salary, the desire to raise the career ladder, the desire to get a prestigious position and the right to lead any project. If an employee is confident in himself, his achievements and merits, he must definitely try to pass certification.

Upgrading the category provides new opportunities
Upgrading the category provides new opportunities

It is necessary

  • Labor contract
  • Diploma
  • Employment history
  • Specialized literature for exam preparation


Step 1

Read carefully the collective agreement or labor agreement on the basis of which you are performing your duties. It must necessarily spell out possible ways to improve the qualification category, requirements for the candidate, the timing of certification, its form and requirements for those being certified.

Step 2

Prepare documents or their photocopies about your education, work experience and work experience. These documents will serve as evidence of the employee's professional suitability.

Step 3

Apply for an upgrade in the appropriate department of the enterprise. Support the application with the above indicated documents. As a rule, a special commission is created to conduct certification at the enterprise, which, in addition to the head, includes heads of departments, representatives of the personnel service, project managers and other specialists at the discretion of the head.

Step 4

Obtain a preliminary list of questions to be asked during the certification from the certification committee. It is possible that this exam will be conducted in two stages. The written stage (testing) will reveal the skills and knowledge of the person being assessed. And the oral stage (interview) will allow you to find out about the applicant for a higher category the information of interest to the commission, as well as data on his merits, successes, achievements.

Step 5

Prepare for certification according to the list of questions. Try to be in shape, answer the questions posed by the commission with confidence and fearlessness.

Step 6

By the decision of the commission, after successfully passing the certification, the employee is assigned a new category, which is prescribed in the annex to the labor or collective agreement. The appendix is ​​drawn up in two copies, correspondingly executed. One will be handed over to the employee.

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