How To Get A Job As A Flight Attendant

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How To Get A Job As A Flight Attendant
How To Get A Job As A Flight Attendant

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Who of the girls has never dreamed of becoming a flight attendant at least once in their life? The romance of flights, the opportunity to see the whole world capture the imagination and force many to take flight attendant courses. But before deciding to become a flight attendant, weigh the pros and cons, because this profession is associated with risk.

How to get a job as a flight attendant
How to get a job as a flight attendant

It is necessary

  • - Passport;
  • - International passport;
  • - Insurance pension certificate;
  • - Education documents;
  • - Official photo of a small format.


Step 1

Russian airlines periodically recruit for flight attendant courses, everyone who meets the minimum requirements has the opportunity to become a flight attendant:

• Age (varies depending on the airline) - from 18 to 30 years old;

• Height (there may also be different requirements) - from 160 to 180 cm;

• Citizenship - RF or Belarus;

• Education - not lower than secondary specialized;

• Languages ​​- English at the Pre-Intermediate level (S7-Airlines has vacancies with knowledge of the Chinese language, in Aroflot the English level must be Intermediate);

• Clothing size - in Aeroflot up to 48, in Transaero and S7 - up to 46;

• Vision - not lower than -3 in S7, in Transaero - not lower than -2.5;

• Lack of scars on the skin, tattoos in open places, speech defects.

Step 2

If your parameters match the requirements, fill out the form on the airline's website. Transaero -, S7 -, Aeroflot temporarily does not recruit flight attendants. Attaching a full-length photo in a business suit and makeup will increase your chances

Step 3

If the answer is yes, you will be invited for an interview, where the airline manager will assess your external data, demeanor and speaking. You should have a neat hairstyle (if your hair is long, put it in a ponytail or bun), calm makeup, be in a suit or in a skirt with a blouse. Please bring the documents listed above with you.

Step 4

Be prepared to answer a wide variety of questions, including how you would behave on board in a given situation. In addition to the main part, you will be tested for your knowledge of English. The test includes grammar, listening, talking on common topics (telling about yourself, the profession of a flight attendant, etc.), retelling the text. Excellent English proficiency will give you additional chances of being admitted to a flight attendant school.

Step 5

After a successful interview, you will pass the medical board and begin your studies. The training is carried out on the basis of airlines, lasts from 2 to 3, 5 months with the payment of a scholarship, exams and an internship at the end of the courses. The work book is drawn up from the first day of training. And then - only the sky!

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